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Testimonials from readers of The Ringbearer´s Diary


An indescribably superior work – all book-lovers ought to treat themselves to The Ringbearer´s Diary. The language is clear, strong and at times so compressed that you can live for weeks off a single chapter. The story is literally all that you can wish for in a book. A fairy tale with nuances and suspense to match Tolkien, an evolutionary-psychological self-help book whose depth and humanity ensure its immediate usefulness – and a wonderful autobiographical, culture historical novel that lifts the trend from Karl Ove Knausgaard (price-winning Norwegian author), among others – to entirely new heights.

- Jeanette Tulinius, book-seller in Copenhagen

* * * * * * * * * *


Dear reader,

A treasure trove exists, of classic novels written throughout history. Books we all know or know about. Without an inkling of doubt, The Ringbearer´s Diary will be added to this treasure trove, with its entirely unique process of disclosure and, not least, its disentanglement of our shared history as eternal beings. A warning must be issued to you, who are now about to start reading this book: Your life will NEVER be the same again. In the author´s company, you will dig forth yourself, layer after layer, and as you will pretty soon sense the light at the end of the tunnel, the act of turning back will never really be an option. You may possibly find yourself travelling through swamps and over mountains, but just imagine: there REALLY IS a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

This is not just a book – it is a journey.

- Helle Bauer, HR consultant, Hobro, Denmark

* * * * * * * * * *


To read The Ringbearer´s Diary is to walk through a magical door, a door opening on God, on oneself, on love. However, it is one of those doors that do not open on their own accord. This door requires that you firmly grasp the handle with a certain amount of willpowerand with the firm determination to cross the threshold… However, once this first step has been taken, there is no turning back. Henceforth, you really need to unfold your senses and let yourself be pervaded by the mighty story that you find folded into these five books. And this feat comes with a cost! Still, the book does not ask for more than we can actually give, and this is the breath-taking aspect of the books: in front of our very eyes The Ringbearer´s Diary also becomes our diary, however wondrous this is and may sound. The Ringbearer´s Diary carries a promise within itself, a promise – let me quote the words of Karen Blixen – that our longing itself is proof that what we are longing for actually exists. Peter Kjærulff says the same, with an unprecedented certainty in his voice.

You will regret it if you do not embark on this work. It is a gigantic monument build as a testimonial of your own history along with the history of all humankind. The experience of gaining such insight in our shared history cannot but leave us with the most poignant feeling of gratitude and joy.

- Karen Elisabeth, Copenhagen

* * * * * * * * * *


You are standing on the edge of your landscape, your backpack is ready, your chosen walking shoes are the very best to support your feet on the journey you will embark upon in a little while. Your wanderer´s staff lies comfortably in your hand, and with every fibre in your body you feel that it will sustain you in every step you are about to take. So, with a smile you lift your wanderer´s staff and one foot takes the first step forward, your journey has started.

A journey into a historical course, which is Peter´s, which is yours, which is everybody´s shared journey as well as the history of our personal journey on Earth.

You contain within yourself the loveliest of flower fields, the proudest trees, the most beautiful lakes, deep valleys and tall, proud mountains, so sit down, make yourself comfortable and let the journey begin. Every support and guidance you will need will be given to you, and – not to be forgotten – light is shed on our earthly journey down to the minutest detail, a lightthat will set us all free and give us the tools to transform this planet of ours, turning it into the most wonderful garden.

My very best greetings and wishes for your journey,

- Helle Haagensen, Copenhagen

* * * * * * * * * *