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Introduction to The Ringbearer's Diary Book Three: The Sphinx



This Third Book will make no sense to the reader who has not read and embraced the preceding two volumes. There is so much in the following that requires the acceptance of the world vision described in the first two books that all nuances will be lost to the person who, albeit well-intentioned but still on grounds of superficial curiosity, tries to assess what might be the contents of Part Three. However, it is probably also true that only people who have felt enriched or enlightened (or both) by the first two books will be motivated to engage in something so comprehensive as the present Third Book – and most likely any reader who chooses to start here will simply be bored.
   For comprehensive indeed it is – Part Three – and today, on May 18 2016 as I am writing this prologue, almost 11 years have passed since I set out on the third leg of my book and named the first chapter A New Hope. As Star Wars fans may observe, this title is familiar, and even though I have not in the least tried to copy George Lucas, there may be a hidden connection here all the same. Hope is a universal concept, the power of the Light is universal, and titles of this kind will never be banal if we listen to their deepest tone.
   If we observe the book sitting before us in the light of the model of the consciousness that I have drawn up, particularly in Book Two, the third part described the crown chakra which – with its outer ring of 960 aspects and its inner ring of 12 aspects accounts for the single incarnation (12) seen in the light of the entire series of incarnations (960). So, the number 960 arises as we multiply the 96 sections of the sixth chakra (superior insight) with the number 10 representing vital energy – which, symbolically, is the same as confirming with our superior insight that there is vital energy to be found on this planet – and that this is the reason why we return time and again until everything is total harmony. The colour of the crown chakra can be seen as either violet, thus concluding and completing the rainbow spectrum – or as multicoloured, golden-white and twinkling – of such a luminous brilliance that its beauty almost takes away the breath of the observer.
   In this way it is possible to consider this short prologue a crown chakra résumé. The total overview of the single incarnation (the 960 that contain 12 in their centre) helps us live our current lifetime following a course which is in no way simply set up by the circumstances of our present birth into this world. There are greater considerations and myriads of contexts behind the beginning of a new life, and as this seventh layer is actually elevated above our earthly everyday consciousness, neither the Ring nor the Pyramid has any direct influence, except from our recognition gained on previous journeys on Earth of their natures of being bad and good, respectively – a recognition which is now in the process of being consolidated, gradually as all the threads are drawn up clearly.
   So, with Book Three we set out on a journey in practise – a journey that covers approximately 11 years. On this journey it will gradually become clear what has really happened and how the single knots are undone. As I have written down everything while it happened, Book Three soon becomes an actual diary so that now the three books may be listed as follows:
Book One is about having the courage to stand by one’s own consciousness and the stories this consciousness contains.
Next, Book Two describes the consciousness in detail as the acknowledgement of the consciousness gained from Book One gives us access to its many secrets and fabulous structures.
Book Tree then appears as the description of how life actually and provenly unfolds and is cleared up on the basis of the accounts of the first two books. In this way, Book Three is a sort of “manual in the practise of life” which explains how the Light-patterns/laws for reincarnation as well as old threads and consciousness contexts interweave with each single lifetime.
At the end of Book One we described the simple symbolism of the journey by means of the pyramid, and in Book Two we succeeded in drawing up even more distinctly the energetic map of the consciousness with its description of the functions of same. Now, in Book Three we travel the path indicated by the first two books, and in this way The Ringbearer’s Diary has become exactly what it purports to be: an account of the journey toward the Light – from the outermost Darkness of the Ring poisoning to the final redemption. And it all happens as this journey unfolds in our practical everyday life, after the consciousness has been accepted as our basis, a map has been drawn up, and the nature of the enemy has been more than implied.
   Reincarnation is something extremely ordinary. This ordinary aspect is not removed by the fact that in this book we are concerned with gigantic battles between good and evil. The people I describe and the story that constitutes the grounds for the entire work may be unusual, but even well-known persons are “common people before God”. The vast larger perspectives may then be placed under the heading of “research into the dimensions of the consciousness”, and the everyday perspectives depict what we might call an individuation process: as far as emotions and experiences are concerned, I, who travel and write the book, go through the effect and the clearing up of the entire story that especially Book One recounts.
   Back in 1985 a critic was amazed by the fact that via this book it was possible to get the experience of going through a process of initiation, an ancient “mystery initiation”. With the addition of Book Three the possibility of such an experience is present to an even higher degree – this time within the emotional framework of everyday life.
So, follow me and feel how it is to fight one’s way through the Darkness that often colours the structure of our consciousness – while we are supported by the Light from the person we really are. The end result may already now be revealed: we are in truth children of God, and God is an amazing truth. He exists, the Light exists, and love exists. Only, as in this case, it often happens that we have to travel very far in order to be convinced of these facts.

Copyright © Peter Kjærulff 2016